Value add in the Data Center

Value Add by choosing the right technology and Data Centre Solution

Value add in the Data Center

The Data Center is at the heart of the increasingly Cloud-Based and hosted world of Business IT infrastructure

How can I choose the right Data Centre Solution?

Large-scale computer systems have been around for a while, and many people are already familiar with the term Data Center. In the 1940’s, computers were so large that individual rooms had to be specially set aside to house them. Even the steady miniaturization of the computer did not initially change this arrangement because the functional scope increased to such an extent that the systems still required the same amount of space.

Even today, with PCs being much more powerful than any mainframe system, every large-scale operation has complex IT infrastructures with a substantial amount of hardware – and they are still housed in properly outfitted rooms. Depending on their size, these are referred to as “Server Rooms” or “Data Centers.”

If hosted and Cloud Based applications are to thrive then they need a secure platform and location from which to operate

With such a diverse range of applications being developed by service providers and re-sellers seeking to differentiate their offerings , the Data Centre is emerging as the key and core component in the mix. Data Centers are at the heart of the increasingly Cloud-Based and hosted world of Business IT infrastructure.  The benefits to end users include ease of deployment, increased resiliency and reduced cost.

The market is getting even more competitive and for table stakes of  ‘state of the art everything’ – power, security and redundancy is now required as standard offerings. The basic characteristics are the same regardless of the size of the data because every company’s success invariably depends on smooth software operations – and those have to be safeguarded.

Computers, of course, require electricity, as well as protection from theft and the accidental or intentional manipulation of hardware. Put simply, one has to safeguard Data Centers against external influences and provide them with sufficient cooling. After all, there is a lot of powerful hardware sitting in one place. Not to mention the safeguarding of your own or anyone else’s Data.

In addition to these factors, one must also take into consideration organisational measures, such as periodic backups that ensure operability. As a rule, the more extensive and critical the hardware and software become, the more time and effort are required to provide optimal protection.

For that reason, a Data Center preferably consists of a well-constructed, sturdy building that houses servers, storage devices, cables, and a connection to the Internet. In addition, the Center also has a large amount of equipment associated with supplying power and cooling, and often automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Data Centre’s must go above and beyond by getting the solution just right:

It’s not enough to just be on hand to fix problems. Whilst it is true that ‘state of the art everything’ will gain headlines and customer interest,  there is no substitute for understanding the end users needs and exact requirements : delivery on time, in time and within budget. Differentiation through excellent service, reliabilility, security and trust are the single most important factors in the Data Centre market rather than fancy new aesthetic and innovative topologies. One should properly weigh the cost and benefit in the same way you would if you were hosting in your own office. All food for thought when looking at your you internal IT Strategy.

Tailoring a solution to the specific needs of a customer is highly regarded in the Technology industry, something that we at PW Data Group pride ourselves on. We believe that businesses should experience flexibility from their IT providers and shouldn’t expect to pay for services they are unlikely to use or not gain value from.

With the explosion of the internet of things and also with the growth of Hybrid Cloud and Managed Services , enterprises can experience customised solutions and varying levels of support that is why, we offer a uniquely consultative approach with all of our solutions that take in to account the Core Business needs and create a solid internal IT Strategy that supports the Business to achieve growth and return on investment.

We believe that by defining and implementing a clear IT strategy which supports your business you can gain “competitive advantage” and also increase and maintain your chance of success and that all key considerations within the process should be weighed up.

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