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router upgrade suggestions and considerations by pw data group

If you’re thinking about a router upgrade consider this first

Time for a Wireless Router Upgrade? Your router, the connection point for internal networks to link to the outside world, may not be suitable for a wireless network. Even routers that don’t include wireless support need to accommodate different network configurations to support a WLAN. It may not be as simple as just a router upgrade, consider this: A wireless network will have a different network address range than your wired network, and your router must support at least two network [...]

Data Cabling as part of a solution from pw data group

Your IT Road Map : Data Cabling and Installation

Data Cabling Pathways For efficient outlay of Data Cabling the cable must have a defined route that will protect it according to the environment in which it exists. No standard exists that details exactly what kind of cable pathway is required in different circumstances and generally engineers are expected to use common sense to ensure the cable is adequately protected. What is clear however that the cable routes cannot be abandoned to chance with installers allowed to pick any random [...]