We join forces to create super network services

PW Data Group and Talk Straight have joined forces to create the ultimate network solution for you. Specialising in complete internet connectivity which is 100% industry focussed, the combination of services means even more advanced technology that is cost-effective. As a specialist networking and technology integrator, we connect people, applications and technology to create a return on investment. In designing and developing bespoke computer networking solutions, this new partnership offers a wider range of services than ever before. With so many [...]

Questions that Google can’t answer -The face of evolving Networks

If only I could Google the answers to how I could reduce the cost of delivering ICT and what solutions I really need, life would be so simple. In reality these are questions that Google can’t answer. For many years with the advent of the cloud, we have been talking about the benefits of integrated communications technology (ICT) and its capability to pull together voice, data and video. The advent of smart phones has seen accessibility being available not to [...]

IT Systems debate break fix vs bespoke-min

TCO in light of today’s changing ICT service costs and requirements – questions Google can’t answer

Changing service costs and requirements for ICT solutions – TCO (total cost of ownership) questions Google can’t answer The advent of Cloud Computing has changed the way ICT solutions are put together. It creates wider choice for the users and the companies paying for the service, but, what is the TCO for supporting this service and our own ICT solutions? Much is talked about the need to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for our ICT  requirements but is this the right [...]

tips to keep you safe on public wifi

Staying safe when using Public WiFi

Are you safe when using Public WiFi? Public WiFi infrastructure is growing rapidly. With so much focus on getting ourselves connected, have we actually stopped to consider how secure these connections actually are?  It’s worth doing your homework in order to verify a network that’s open or not familiar to you when accessing public WiFi hotspots. It’s pretty easy for someone who wants to intercept your data to set up a network called “Free WiFi” or any other variation that includes a [...]

what to consider when looking a router upgrade

If you’re thinking about a router upgrade consider this first

Time for a Wireless Router Upgrade? Your router, the connection point for internal networks to link to the outside world, may not be suitable for a wireless network. Even routers that don’t include wireless support need to accommodate different network configurations to support a WLAN. It may not be as simple as just a router upgrade, consider this: A wireless network will have a different network address range than your wired network, and your router must support at least two network [...]

tips and suggestions for effective network monitoring

Top reasons to implement a Network Monitoring System

Do you use Network Monitoring? Network monitoring brings the following benefits: Optimize network reliability Visualise network topology Stay in touch with your network Understand capacity utilisation Troubleshoot device and traffic issues Save time in network administration Track trends Improve the bottom line Why Network Monitoring Solutions? Optimize Reliability The most basic function of a network monitoring solution is to indicate whether a device (such as a router, switch, server, database, etc.) is working or not. You don’t want to have to wait for the phone to start ringing because people are [...]

Value Add by choosing the right technology and Data Centre Solution

Value add in the Data Center

The Data Center is at the heart of the increasingly Cloud-Based and hosted world of Business IT infrastructure How can I choose the right Data Centre Solution? Large-scale computer systems have been around for a while, and many people are already familiar with the term Data Center. In the 1940’s, computers were so large that individual rooms had to be specially set aside to house them. Even the steady miniaturization of the computer did not initially change this arrangement because the [...]

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing – the latest Technology Strategy that´s changing the way Business’ run Cloud has even reached our TV screens pushed by some of the key Cloud players such as BT, Amazon EC2 and Google. But what is this “Cloud” and what does it mean to your company? Some have compared Cloud computing to the supply of electricity – The user doesn´t know where it comes from or how it works, but when they flick the switch… hey presto. Some say it´s simply virtualisation repackaged, [...]

Access Point Security - on the lookout for unauthorised loopholes

Clamp Down on Unauthorized Access Loopholes

Concerned about Access Point Security? A “rogue” access point is one that users set up for themselves, usually by going to an electronics superstore and buying a consumer router with wireless support for £30. No security, no authentication, and no management, but they blow a giant hole in your security wall. It is vital to review Access Point Security  The second way users either purposefully or accidentally destroy your security is through turning on Ad Hoc mode on their wireless client [...]

Data Cabling as part of a solution from pw data group

Your IT Road Map : Data Cabling and Installation

Data Cabling Pathways For efficient outlay of Data Cabling the cable must have a defined route that will protect it according to the environment in which it exists. No standard exists that details exactly what kind of cable pathway is required in different circumstances and generally engineers are expected to use common sense to ensure the cable is adequately protected. What is clear however that the cable routes cannot be abandoned to chance with installers allowed to pick any random [...]