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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing – the latest Technology Strategy that´s changing the way Business’ run Cloud has even reached our TV screens pushed by some of the key Cloud players such as BT, Amazon EC2 and Google. But what is this “Cloud” and what does it mean to your company? Some have compared Cloud computing to the supply of electricity – The user doesn´t know where it comes from or how it works, but when they flick the switch… hey presto. Some say it´s simply virtualisation repackaged, [...]

Access Point Security - on the lookout for unauthorised loopholes

Clamp Down on Unauthorized Access Loopholes

Concerned about Access Point Security? A “rogue” access point is one that users set up for themselves, usually by going to an electronics superstore and buying a consumer router with wireless support for £30. No security, no authentication, and no management, but they blow a giant hole in your security wall. It is vital to review Access Point Security  The second way users either purposefully or accidentally destroy your security is through turning on Ad Hoc mode on their wireless client [...]