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IT in the workplace is evolving - what is your IT Strategy?

Is putting your Customer first at the heart of your IT Strategy for 2017?

2016 really was the year when Small to Medium sized Business’ leveraged the power IT offers them The availability of better IT technology has been the single more important contributor to business growth this year with the trend set to follow well in to 2017. Growth and improving efficiency continue to be key drivers for SME’s – developing technology is a cost-effective way of staying ahead of competitors. Research by Deloitte also confirms the importance of technology across the sector. The business [...]

Wireless Signal Obstacles

Are you happy with your Wireless Signal? Wireless networks aren’t magic, they´re radio. Just as your car radio signal drops because of distance or obstacles like buildings, mountains, and tunnels, your wireless network signal has limitations. In fact, a wireless network signal is much less robust than a radio station because of the frequency used. While a mountain will block a radio station, a filing cabinet might block your network connection. These are just some of the wireless signal obstacles [...]